For American student Cade Bryson, the opportunity to study in Oxford was a dream come true. But a chance discovery on a snowy winter solstice evening changes everything and turns his world upside down.

Sinister forces await Cade in ancient college buildings and around the corners of Oxford's hidden lanes. Amidst the turmoil, Cade finds help and guidance from unexpected sources, especially from fellow student Rachael, whose insight into what is confronting them leads him to unexpected, faraway places.

Who are the dark and mysterious characters whose plots threaten the downfall of the western world and the establishment of a permanent and diabolical thralldom? Can the prior discovery of their earlier schemes by one of Oxford's famous dons shed any light on this?

Alongside Cade's adventure, The Soulbane Stratagem reveals a disturbing assessment of the subterfuges being formented by unseen forces that are infiltrating all aspects of our society and institutions. What do these stratagems mean for the future of our civilization? Is there any spiritual defence against the dark influences that threaten to engulf us?

In this gripping novel, Cade Bryson, a successful Atlanta lawyer, has let work become his god. He has little time for his wife, Rachael, and daughter, Sarah. Ten years ago, in the ancient city of Oxford, he discovered letters and reports from two devilish characters, but failed to deliver on his promise to publish them and has virtually forgotten the reports now. His seemingly idyllic world is shattered as his life begins to unravel on several fronts, and in the strange world he encounters, nothing is as it appears. With many unexpected twists, the novel's characters each confront their own crises, and the plot races toward a climatic encounter between Cade and his nemeses, Foulheart and Soulbane.




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2003 Soulbane Novels - Norman Jetmundsen